Vincent Qiu

As a Library as Research Lab 2019-2020 Fellow, I have been working in the Design Thinking for Library Services Lab, specifically on a project with Director of Connected Scholarship Meghan Sitar and my peer Emma De Vera alongside the Digital Scholarship Services Team, to conduct an assessment of how researchers throughout the university have located and received assistance on their digital scholarship projects. Throughout this work, what continues to be really interesting for me to see is how the concepts of experience research and interaction design from my background of product design translate to a less familiar realm of service design. It is nice to see the human-centered design methods of interviewing stakeholders, distilling insights into personas / use cases, and iterative prototyping being employed in a domain outside of what might be considered conventional design. As with a product, the goal of the service here is to enable at minimum a satisfactory experience for all individuals collaborating on digital scholarship projects, perhaps by way of providing clear interaction steps that they would take to engage in that collaboration. I hope our efforts produce good outcomes for the library.

Vincent Qiu previously studied and worked as a mechanical engineer, and then made a career pivot towards human-computer interaction and human-centered design methodology.