Activity: Structuring Discussion

This activity will promote learning about each other and develop curiosity about different points of view. Sharing is a powerful way to create space for engagement and rapport. Listening to learn from one another, asking questions, being curious and being present will have long-term impact on the quality of your mentoring relationship.


Through conversation and listening, the mentoring pair will learn more about their partner and their profession through semi-structured discussions around professional topics.


Shorter (10-15 minute) and longer (30-40 minute) discussions can happen throughout the course of the mentoring relationship.


Collaborative word processor to brainstorm and keep track of discussion topics


Mentor & Mentee


  1. Create a shared document of topics that the mentoring pair wants to learn more about. 
  2. Schedule a time for discussion. These discussions could be structured in a variety of ways. For example, the mentoring pair could:
    • Read an article together.
    • Engage in discussions about knowledge gaps.
    • Attend a lecture together with discussion afterwards.
    • Engage with campus initiative.
    • Share work challenges that keep you up at night.
    • Explore work culture.
    • Discussing national trends.


Avoid gossip, rather focus on ideas, possibilities and learning.


Download the instructions for this activity.

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