Activity: Mentoring Log

Creating a shared space to track progress and achievements can help direct the mentoring relationship and project toward shared goals. This activity will give the mentor and mentee a space to track progress, set new goals, and share insight, growth and resources in one centralized spot. 


This activity will help partners track progress in their mentoring and project. It will also help identify gaps in knowledge or skills that the mentoring pair can then address by providing more opportunities to learn or practice


15-20 minutes/week (10 minutes/week for updating the log, 5-10 minutes/week for reviewing the log as a pair throughout the course of the mentoring relationship)


Word processor or journal to log progress, Template: Mentoring Log


Mentor and Mentee


  1. Create a shared document or simple log to capture the types of mentoring activities you accomplish together. What have you done to move the project forward this week? What are immediate action steps you should take in the next week?
  2. Routinely review the log together as a way to reflect and set future goals and projects.


  • Use a collaborative software, such as Google Docs, where both the mentor and mentee can write and log progress. 
  • Start this log off by including the action plan from the Creating Shared Expectations and Norms Activity (Section 2.2).
  • Pay particular attention to what is missing and make sure to identify activities that fill in those missing gaps and broaden engagement with various expertise.


Download the instructions for this activity.


Make a copy (File>Make a Copy) of or download this Google Document to use as a template for your mentoring log.