The UX and UI of Service

Vincent Qiu As a Library as Research Lab 2019-2020 Fellow, I have been working in the Design Thinking for Library Services Lab, specifically on a project with Director of Connected Scholarship Meghan Sitar and my peer Emma De Vera alongside the Digital Scholarship Services Team, to conduct an assessment of how researchers throughout the university … Continue reading The UX and UI of Service

The Fuzzy Front End and What It Means for Mentorship

Caroline Wack I have been working in the Design Thinking for LibraryServices lab this semester along with my wonderful peer mentors, Sophia McFadden-Keesling and Jordan Gorzalski, and our fearless librarian leaders,Meghan Sitar and Justin Schell. Our work focuses on building a design thinking tool for librarians, but we also use design thinking to create the tool. That’s right—we’re design thinking about design thinking! It’s very meta.

Designing a Design Thinking Project for a Library System

Sophia McFadden-Keesling The Design Thinking Fellowship is all about collaboration, ideation, innovation, and iteration. I have two wonderful peer mentors: Jordan Gorzalski and Caroline Schuitema. We spend hours each week discussing the project we’re working on. A great deal of the work is discussion based as we’re working with a concept more than an end goal.