Adventures in Coding

Doreen Bradley Our Library Assessment in Student Learning Lab is undertaking ambitious work this year.  We designed, conducted, and coded a student survey in Fall 2019, which had over 500 responses.  In Winter, 2020, we designed, conducted and are mid-way through coding 22 individual student interviews.  Both of these research efforts provided our Fellows with … Continue reading Adventures in Coding

Mentoring Graduate Students in the Lab Setting

Jo Angela Oehrli While the project labs are completing many kinds of work, one intended focus for all of the labs is to integrate mentorship into the experience.  Mentorship is defined broadly and is happening in many “directions” in the labs. One of the most impactful mentorship connections I have made to date has been … Continue reading Mentoring Graduate Students in the Lab Setting

Unpacking an Interdisciplinary Experience: Reflections from a Data Science Student

Elizabeth Hanley Not too long ago, we had project-wide midpoint check-ins where lab members came together in small groups to discuss our experiences so far in the Library as Research Lab project. Many of the topics had to do with how the skills learned in this project differ from - or augment - our experiences in the classroom at the School of Information. Being a project member who hails from the School of Information Data Science track, I had a lot of thoughts about the value of being an interdisciplinary student that I wanted to continue unpacking after the focus group. Not only has this program been deeply influential in shaping my academic trajectory at UMSI, but it has influenced how I think about my future career as well. More than just a research project, the Library as Research Lab program has helped me better articulate who I want to be as a data scientist.

Library as Research Lab’s Lessons Reach Beyond the Classroom

Elizabeth Hanley As one of the fortunate students who has been able to participate in the Library as Research Lab project since it began in Winter 2018, this program has deeply shaped my time at the School of Information. In returning to this program for a second year, I’ve discovered that staying with a project long-term teaches a set of valuable professional skills that can’t always be covered in a semester-long class. Being a member of the Library Assessment of Student Learning Lab throughout the course of my time at UMSI has taught me to take ownership of the research process in a way that, to me, feels meaningful and fulfilling. Participating in this program has pushed me to grapple with ambiguity, think deeply about how to ask meaningful questions, and draw real-world conclusions from our findings. I’ve had the chance to watch our research evolve from the very beginning stages until now, when we’re starting to see our work accepted at conferences and shared more broadly in the community.

The Library Student Journey: Finding What Fits

Tori Culler As part of the Library as Research Lab Fellowship (LaRL), I have had the opportunity to explore many different careers in librarianship while honing a new set of research skills. While I had some experience working as a research assistant in various contexts prior to this program, LaRL has privileged me insight into what it means to conduct research in an academic library setting. As part of the Student Learning lab group, I have been able to be directly involved in the design and implementation of an original research study concerning the nature of student learning in in-person instruction sessions.