Publications and Presentations

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Student Posters



Library Assessment in Student Learning Lab

Using a Survey to Measure the Effects of Library Instruction on Undergraduates’ Source Evaluation Practices
Gina Genova and Regen Le Roy |  April 2020

LARPing & Information Literacy: Preliminary Findings from a “Library Action Role-Playing” Assessment of First-Year Students’ Source Evaluation Skills
Emily Sartorius |  April 2020

Undergraduate Demographics and Source Evaluation Confidence
Julia Maxwell |  April 2020

What Students Learn from One-Shot Information Literacy Sessions and What (They Think) They Already Know
Tori Culler and Emma Brennan-Wydra |  April 2019

Student Learning in an Online Pre-Major Tutorial
Liz Hanley |  April 2019

Librarian “Role-Playing Interview Method: Student Learning in Library Instruction”
Marley Kalt |  April 2019

Perspectives on Learning in Consultations: Connecting Literature to Practice
Brian Matzke, Elizabeth N. Hanley, Doreen Bradley, Jo Angela Oehrli & Soo Young Rieh |  April 2018

Student Learning in Research Consultations: Student Perspectives
Elizabeth N. Hanley, Brian Matzke, Doreen Bradley, Jo Angela Oehrli & Soo Young Rieh |  April 2018

Library Assessment for Research and Scholarship Lab

Curating Data from the Library Assessment for Research and Scholarship Lab
Joseph Muller |  April 2020

Understanding Qualitative Researcher Needs through Qualitative Research 
Claire Myers |  April 2020

Survey Sample Data Analysis: The Use of Commercial Databases for Institutional Sampling
Allison Thorsen |  April 2020

Qualitative Research Support & Scholarship: The Doctoral Student Perspective
Caroline He|  April 2019

Challenges in Qualitative Data Management & Sharing
Andrea Kang|  April 2019

Field Switching: Responding to Academic Discipline in Qualitative Research Support
Joseph Muller |  April 2019

The Role of Librarians in the Qualitative Research Lifecycle
Claire Myers|  April 2019

Same Process, Different Product: Reframing Data for New Conclusions
Hilary Severyn |  April 2019

“The Other Side of the Table”: A Meta-Qualitative Study on Research Support and its Intersections with the Library
Russel T. Peterson & Caroline He | April 2018

Design Thinking for Services Lab

Understanding the Experience of Seeking Digital Scholarship Support
Emma De Vera and Vincent Qiu |  April 2020

Design Thinking for Services Lab: Shapiro Design Lab Assessment
Joshua Cutter and Mary Shelly |  April 2020

Unseen: Exploring Users’ Campus Experiences
Sophia McFadden-Keesling, Jordan Gorzalski, and Caroline Wack | April 2019

Shapiro Design Lab Assessment
Sophia McFadden-Keesling, Jordan Gorzalski, Caroline Wack| April 2019

Using Design Thinking to Strengthen Connections Among Graduate Students
Ben Rearick April 2018

Using Personas to Inform Service Design
Heather Shoecraft | April 2018